Owlcat Games

Community Manager


OWLCAT GAMES was founded in 2016. The studio employs developers who worked on projects such as Heroes of Might and Magic V, Silent Storm, Etherlords, and Allods Online.

We would love to see a new professional join our team to work on both existing projects and those that are planned for launch.


•        Collecting player feedback and passing it to the development and publishing teams;

•        Communicating with our players via different social media platforms; creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere; and supervising the work of our moderators;

•        Organizing online events, polls, and contests;

•        Participating in creating the content plan for our platforms while taking into consideration the unique features of these platforms and the interests of our community;

•        Participating in creating our community management strategy while also keeping in mind the growth of our player community and the scope of our projects;

•        Playing our games, being an expert in them, and familiarizing yourself with their lore and development process.


•        A minimum of 1–2+ years of work experience in a similar position (we will consider candidates with experience in adjacent fields);

•        Interest in game development and a passion for games (the core of our community is hardcore gamers and roleplaying enthusiasts);

•        Initiative and creativity (everyone on the team is encouraged to contribute to discussions when they have something to say);

•        Up-to-date knowledge of social media trends;

•        Grammatically correct writing and the ability to work with text;

•        An upper Intermediate or higher level of English proficiency, a solid grasp of language nuances, and an understanding of the modern discourse of the Western world (you will constantly be interacting with our Western community);

•        Ability and willingness to take on and drive major tasks from start to finish.


•        You wear many hats (you multiclass IRL);

•        You have basic skills in using graphics editors such as Adobe Photoshop;

•        You understand statistics, SMM, and the KPIs of community management and social media;

•        You’ve played our games and enjoy them.


•        Comfortable offices fitted with areas for recreation and games, coffee points, and snacks;

•        Strong internal community: we are passionate about what we do. Outside of work, we engage in activities together like playing tabletop games in the office or on Roll20;

•        Convenient work schedule: adjust work time to your preferences and/or work remotely;

•        Environment for personal growth: work together with the best professionals and enjoy the benefits of our developed mentoring system and training courses;

•        Competitive salary based on the interview, opportunities for career growth.

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